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Kingdom Guide by Pastors Michael D.D.(h.c.) & Annette Kelly

For those who are searching for a profound, change-your-life, study guide, then consider the Kingdom Guide! It is specifically designed to meet the needs of individual as well as small study groups with built-in facilitators guides to enhance and generate Kingdom conversation.

The KINGDOM GUIDE will help solve the mysteries and uncover the treasures of the KINGDOM.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the Guide’s treasures:
• What is the KINGDOM?
• Who is it all about?
• How to operate in its protocols as an Ambassador for the KING of Kings and fulfill your place in the family of God as sons and daughters and operate successfully in your roles as Kings & Priests.
• What is the King’s Purpose for His Kingdom?
• What is Kingdom Identity?
• What Belief System does the Kingdom operate on?
• And much more!In order to accomplish this tremendous feat, one must become a student of DISCIPLESHIP.

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