Pastors & Oversight

Our Pastors

Dr. Michael & Annette Kelly

Lead Pastors

Corbin Kelly

Youth Pastor

 LeRoy & Carlene Kelly

Senior Pastors

Hannah Mikelle Kelly

Media Director and Admin

David & Joy Brown

Executive Pastors

Chester & Candace Beamon

Creative Pastors & Directors of Central Kids 

We are protected by

We are strengthened by
pastoral council.

Our trustees are members of the congregation and are appointed by the Lead Pastors to direct the provision of the facilities needed by the church. They provide counsel to the Lead Pastors regarding the major financial commit­ments of the church. The trustees serve as non-staff elders for a one-year term.

The trustees for Central Triad Church are:
  • Mrs. Tabitha Chilton
  • Mr. Robert Newman
The Pastoral Council are three pastors of respected congregations and ministries who love Central Triad Church and are willing to provide spiritual protection and accountability to the church. They may be called in to help in accountability matters relating to the Pastors, if requested to do so by the Pastors or Trustees. The Pastoral Council serve as Apostolic Elders.
The Overseers for Central Triad Church are: