The Outpouring Vision

This is the Vision that Lead Pastor Dr. Michael Kelly received in 2011 and we believe that we are getting closer to this event.

The Great Triad Outpouring

They called the event “The Great Triad Outpouring,” and since then, it has been reported through every major news network around the world. I thought that I would try to give a little more insight as to what has taken place and where it began.
It all began during a church service at Central Triad Church, where there was a deep presence of repentance mixed with a great expectation of the miraculous!
It is said that the mission statement of Central Triad Church is to “Transform Lives, Produce Believers, and to Impact the World.”
During the service, what was described as “a powerful move of God” began to pour into the building! One of the church members said that it felt like waterfalls in the Spirit. 
Another said,“It felt like waves in the ocean, one wave would hit, and then another and another. You could no longer stand in the building.”
A guest of the service said that they had never seen anything like it before. People were speaking in tongues and praising God while others were lying on the floor as if they had passed out.
So, I lifted my hands and felt something indescribable; it wasn’t until several hours later that I realized that I had been walking around the building. My family was shocked at my behavior; for you see, I was a paraplegic and had been wheelchair-bound my entire adult life.
This “Outpouring” fell so hard and mightily that the building couldn’t contain the atmosphere. 
There is a highway nearby called the 311 bypasses, also now known as 74. 
One of the drivers on the road that day said, “It looked like a cloud was hovering over Central Triad Church and the highway. As we passed through it, my 7-year-old son began to scream out, ‘I can see! I can see!’ I pulled the car over and began praising God because my son had been blind since birth!”
It took over a week to clear the traffic jam off the highway because people just left their cars and were laying on the ground between the highway and the church.
This “Outpouring” has been going on for several years now and shows no signs of slowing down.
The church that is located at 2935 Cole Road now has multiple campuses around the world, along with daily services taking place in buildings, homes, offices, parks, and stadiums.
Churches across the globe are also breaking out in this “Outpouring”! Millions have been affected by it, and now they claim that they are “listening for the sound of the trumpet!”

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