Here at Central Triad Church we make it a point not to take up special offerings throughout the entirety of the year except for one very specific occasion; our Legacy seed offering in December.

I am Challenging each of you to participate in this Legacy Seed Offering.

This seed offering is not about me or us; it is used to impact those who are hurting, who need help and those who have never heard the Gospel both here in the Triad, the US and overseas.

In all of this we want each of you involved helping us accomplish this vision by giving in this seed offering sacrificially. We work as hard as we can to create margins in our organization but our pace is determined by the pace of your generosity.

Thank you; you are an amazing Church and Annette and I Love you deeply. Keep doing what you're doing, keep serving, keep loving Jesus the way that you do and as God provides continue to give what God has put on your heart.

Begin to pray about what God would want you to give in December as a part of Legacy.

-  Pastor Michael S. Kelly, D.D. (h.c.)

5 major areas the legacy offering can affect

1.  We use it to make a difference here in NC partnering with local ministries and charities.
2.  We Want to make a difference in America through the building of local church, helping plant  new church’s help strengthen existing church’s, joining together with national churches to reach cities all across America.
3.  We use it to go to Strategic international ministries around the world. Freeing those enslaved in Pakistan, training of Pastors and leaders, to feed people own the name of Jesus to translate the Bible into local languages.
4.  The next generation, events like youths conferences and services to effect not just our students but all those around us.
5.  Central Triad Church Projects. Where we are working to build new future campuses, remodel and update current facilities and do more through technology by reaching people through digital means. Looking to the future to expand our reach and make as big an impact as we can in our city.


There are four (4) types of giving spoken of in the Bible.  Below are the types of giving along with definitions and the rate of return God says we can expect from each.


Mentioned 13 times in scripture
Motivation: Sympathy
Where is it given? Wherever there is a need
The Return: exchange rate = 1:1
god will recompense (repay, reimburse) and reward you.

seed offering

Mentioned 248 times in scripture
Motivation: Hearing the Word of God, Planting in good ground
Where is it given? Wherever the Word of God is preached
The Return: 30, 60 or 100 fold


Mentioned 990 times in scripture
Motivation: Sacrifice - the monetary value of the offering isn't important, the amount of sacrifice is
Where is it given? The Storehouse, the Local Church
 The Return: God's value to your value; at least 2:1


Mentioned 38 times in OT & 7 times in NT
Motivation: Obedience and Worship
Where is it given? The Storehouse, the Local Church
 The Return: Rebuke the devourer, Break the curse off your land (money) and Pour out blessings you cannot contain


Give online, give in person or mail a check.  Just make sure that you specify "Legacy Offering" as the fund.
You can also give here